The Lincoln Hills Genealogy Club Team... the folks that make it fun!!


The Genealogy Club is comprised of residents of Sun City Lincoln Hills in Lincoln, California.

The Club boasts a membership of over 140 members and presents many speakers to expand our knowledge about how to collect, record, and display information about our families, past and present.


It doesn't happen by accident... it takes the effort of dedicated Club members listed below. 


You may contact us by clicking   HERE   

Carole Moore 2020

Carole Moore



Bill Kress Secretary and Webmaster

Bill Kress

Co-President, Webmaster   


Barbara Branch President

Barbara Branch

Recording Secretary, Publicity

Lodge Carlton Treasurer

Lodge Carlton


Marlene Carlton Membership

Marlene Carlton


Bob Ringo Coaching and Door Prizes

Bob Ringo

Coaching, Instructor, Door Prizes

Maureen Sausen Vice President

Maureen Sausen

Member Emails, News Articles

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Positions Open

There's Always Room for More!

If you like to write, teach, organize or just lend a hand, we could use your help. Contact anyone above to volunteer. You can also use the CONTACT page