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Duties of the Genealogy Club Officers

To reduce the efforts required for the positions of President and Vice President, the Genealogy Club suggests that one of these could have two people responsible. That is, a Co-President or Co-Vice President.


  1. Prepare the agenda and send it to Steering Committee members at least one day before the Steering Committee meeting.

  2. Organize and oversee the:

    1. Monthly Steering Committee meetings.

    2. Monthly General Meetings.

    3. Open computers and genealogy classes.

    4. The March Lifestyle Expo to represent the Genealogy Club.

  3. Interface with the Association

    1. Coordinate meeting room schedules and submit them to the Association.

    2. Represent the Genealogy Club at the two yearly meetings held by the Association for all clubs..

    3. Communicate with IT and maintenance when needed.

    4. Champion our concerns, and requests by communicating with or meeting with the appropriate Association person/position.

  4. Purchase or delegate the purchase of the monthly General Meeting door prizes.

  5. This position requires about 6 to 8 hours a month, including meeting time.

Vice President

  1. Steps in and aids the President as needed or when the President is unable to attend a meeting.

  2. Oversees the Speaker Coordinators and double checking that all steps have been taken and all information requested was received in a timely manner.

  3. Attend Steering Committee meetings.

  4. This position requires about 5 to 6 hours a month, including meeting time.

There will be Officers available to bring the new President(s) or Vice President(s) up to speed.


  1. Collect annual dues.

  2. Make payments to all subscriptions: Ancestry, Newspapers, Fold3, HistoryGeo, and WIX Website.

  3. Payments of speaker fees.

  4. Make donations. We support two subscriptions for the Lincoln Library.

  5. In January, meet with officers from the Club bank and sign the necessary authorization forms.

  6. This position requires about 4 to 5 hours a month, including meeting time.


  1. Record all Steering Committee meetings, distribute meeting notes to the Steering Committee and maintain a copy of those records.

  2. Be responsible for all correspondence of the Club and the keeper of those records.

  3. Find a replacement to take minutes if necessary.

  4. Attend the General Meeting in January to record the voting of new Officers. 

  5. This position requires about 4 to 5 hours a month, including meeting time.


  1. Maintain a list of members and their dues status.

  2. Distribute to Steering Committee before the Committee meeting.

  3. This position requires about 4 to 5 hours a month. During the membership drive, perhaps a bit more.


Additional responsibilities of officers and committees may vary dependent upon skills and ability to devote the necessary time to accomplish the task. A tentative list is below.

  1. Speaker: Select speakers for the General Meeting and doublecheck their availability.

  2. Correspondence: announce meetings and events. Suggest news items for the Website NEWS.

  3. Sun City Senior News and Compass writer.

  4. Social: Obtain groceries, arrange the Kitchen (Placer Room), and clean up after the social.

  5. Nominating: Nominate candidates for offices.

  6. Website: Construction, updating, and SEO optimization.

Note that most of these positions require some computer skills including e-mail, word processing, and PowerPoint.  A working knowledge of Excel is helpful.

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