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Miscellaneous Resources

This is a collection of general topics.

Genealogy and Historical Maps, Kate McCarthy, General Course, 2024

For Her Presentation, Click Here

Your Digital Estate, Marcia Van Wagner, General Meeting August 2022  

For the Handout, Click Here          For the Inventory Form, Click Here

The Magic of Google, Bob Ringo, General Meeting May 2022

For His Presentation, Click Here

Reading Old Handwriting, Glenda Gardner-Lloyd, General Meeting, April 2022

For Her Handout, Click Here

German Gothic Handwriting Guide, Family Search Library

For the Handout, Click Here

Finding Early 1900s Genealogy Data Online, James Baker, General Meeting, November 2022

For His Handout, Click Here

Searching Like a Pro, Bob Ringo, General Meeting, Jan 2022

For His Presentation, Click Here

Vice and Saloon Culture in the Gold Rush Era, James Scott, General Meeting, May 2023

For His Handout, Click Here

Genealogy Sources, Bill Kress, Boot Camp 2022

For His Presentation, Click Here  

For His Handout, Click Here

100 Civics Questions for Naturalization Test, 2019

For The Example Test For Immigration, Click Here

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