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DNA and Genetic Genealogy

DNA Toolbox, James Baker, General Meeting, January 2024

For the PDF File, Click Here

Introduction to DNA, Kate McCarthy, 2023

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DNA Basics - Quick Start, Carole Moore, General Meeting, Feb 2022

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How I Found Our 10th Generation MRCA Using mtDNA, General Meeting, Aug 2023

For the her PDF Handout, Click Here

DNA Testing 101, Marian Kile, Handout, 2018

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Best DNA Testing Kits for Genealogy

DNA Expert Diahan Southard has many videos on her site.

I Found a Third Cousin Once Removed, Bill Kress, General Meeting, Jan 2023

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DNA Testing:  Ancestry DNA

DNA Testing:  23&me

DNA Testing:  MyHeritage DNA

DNA Testing:  FamilyTreeDNA

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