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The following is a list of links to videos on various genealogy topics.

How to Use for Beginners, W. Jakob

Avoiding Mistakes on Ancestry, Constance Knox


Finding the Parents, 5-minute find, Ancestry, Anne Mitchell


Quick Start to Your DNA on Ancestry, Constance Knox

AncestryDNA Cousin Matches: Next Steps, Constance Knox


AncestryDNA Shared Matches, Constance Knox


Learn all about DNA from many videos on this site. There are several videos on AncestryDNA and others on MyHeritage. They range, from strategies and methods to tools and technology with DNA expert Diahan Southard.

Other Videos

Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems

Aimee Cross - Genealogy Hints


Genealogy with Amy Johnson Crow

Genealogy Quick Start

Very short video on cousins

Cousin Relationships: Understanding Different Terms

FamilySearch Family Tree

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